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        The accumulation and integration of technologies can inspire new energy boost in the unlimited area of innovation and creativity for an enterprise. The North American HPM brand coupled with 140 years of technological experience accumulation is the original source of motivation for Yizumi to constantly pursue creativity and innovation.

          For more details, please visit HPM website.


        HPM (HPM North America Corporation) is a renowned machinery equipment manufacturer in the United States. Its main business includes plastic injection molding machine, aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting machine, plastic sheet extrusion manufacturing line, hydraulic pressure machinery, etc. On top of that, it has attained the prestigious top two ranking in the die-casting machine industry in the United States. With many years of accumulative technologies, it has more than 200 technical patents.

        YIZUMI X HPM

        In 2011, Yizumi acquired all intellectual property, global supply chain system, global customer resources, etc. of HPM, including the world-renowned General Motors and Ford Motor Company of the United States. This is an important milestone of globalization for Yizumi.

        • 1931

          HPM successfully manufactured the first injection molding machine in the United States.

        • 2011

          Yizumi successfully acquired HPM and established a research and development center in North America.

        • 2013

          The first HPM injection molding machine made in China was delivered to an American customer.

        • 2015

          HPM put a bid on a new land tender for a new manufacturing base of 28,000 sq.m in Ohio of the United States.

        Blending of Heritage

         In 2011, Yizumi acquired all intellectual properties, global supply chain system, global customer resources, etc. of  HPM, including the world renowned American General Motors and Ford Motor Company. This was an important milestone for Yizumi to march towards globalization.


        Yizumi began a joint technology research and development center covering North America and South America and created servicing points, assuming all after-sales services for HPM.


        In 2015, HPM put a bid on a new land tender of 28,000 sq.m in Ohio of the United States in preparation of setting up a foreign manufacturing base for Yizumi and further strengthening the impending impact for the North American market.

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